Our Retreat in Quebec City — St. Peter's Fireside | Vancouver, B.C. 

by Julia Sterne
November 6, 2011
3 min read

This past week Alastair and I had the pleasure of spending three days in the oldest city in Canada. Quebec City is beautiful and quaint with European charm. Four hundred year old homes and buildings overlook the St. Lawrence sea way. The trees were an array of fall colors making it an absolutely perfect time to visit.

Our trip was not to the city alone, but actually to a C2C Network “Church Planters Retreat”. We were hosted by Church Planting BC along with 130 other church planters from across Canada. We gathered in a beautiful hotel (that I prefer to call a castle) for worship, teaching, prayer, fellowship and most of all rest. There were three main highlights of the trip for me. First, Alastair and I were so lucky to meet church planters from Vancouver. We met many couples who live there and enjoyed hearing the stories of how God brought them to Vancouver and how he is using them in the city. I feel like I met my new family. I really needed that as Alastair and I are saying goodbye to so many wonderful friends in Orlando as we are about to move 3000+ miles away from my home. 

We were able to spend time with Adam Wiggins, the pastor of Pacific Church, and his wife Sandi.We will be partnering with them the first year we live in Vancouver. Adam and Alastair did a lot of brainstorming and dreaming. It made me smile to hear them share a vision for Vancouver. I cannot wait to see what this partnership, and friendship, brings to Pacific Church, St. Peter’s Fireside, and Vancouver. We like them a whole bunch and feel honored to apprentice with them. My second highlight: Spending down time with my husband, unplugged and without any obligations. We spent the afternoons and evenings relaxing, eating delicious french food, lounging in our huge comfy bed watching TV, taking walks, testing out hots tubs, and sleeping 8 hours every night. I wish we had more time just for us, but we will take what we can get!

Third highlight: Seeing God work in people’s lives across Canada. We spent time listening to stories of church planters from Quebec, the prairies, big cities, and house churches. I loved when our time for worship and prayer shifted into French, voices in multiple languages praising God at once. It was like a glimpse into Pentecost and heaven at the same time.

Alastair and I left encouraged and eager to spend more time with our new family in Vancouver. We know God desires for Canada to hear the gospel and respond. We know God is already working in Vancouver. We are excited to join his action this New Year. Please keep us in prayer. Pray for the church planters across Canada, for wisdom, protection and provision. Pray for Adam and Sandi as they develop leaders in their church. Pray that hearts are soft across Canada and ready to receive the gospel.

about the author
Julia is a Registered Clinical Counsellor at New Story Counselling, and is a member of St. Peter's Fireside. She is the wife of Alastair, the mother of Ansley and Maggie, and one of the kindest people you'll ever meet. If you're feeling up for it, you can follow her on Facebook or Pinterest.

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