Now that I’m officially part of St. Peter’s, let me share a little bit of my story—who I am and how I came about St. Pete’s. So, hello there. I’m Roger and am originally from South Carolina. I love to learn, read, think and write. Some consider me a ‘sucker for punishment’ when it comes to studying. Reason being is I just can’t stop reading and investigating and learning—you get the picture! In particular, I find great satisfaction in explaining complicated things, especially important features of Christian theology, so that people can come to understand and appreciate their role in Christian thought and life. In all my years of study, I’ve observed how Christian Theology has a bad reputation. Often times, it has been seen as inaccessible and seemingly irrelevant for the day-to-day life. One of my lifelong goals is to help rectify this problem. Think of it like a superhero for Christian Theology (without the red and blue tights, please). And I try to do this through my teaching, writing, and preaching.

At present, I am undertaking (at a very slow pace!) a research degree on the nature and purpose of Sabbath in the life of the church. It was inspired from a small group I led several years ago. One day, I hope I can use my discoveries and reflections in this arena to formulate a series of classes—offered at St Peter’s—on what it means to be a ‘people marked by Sabbath’.  There’s so much that Sabbath brings to the table for both Christians and non-Christians alike! If you want to talk more about it, grab my attention one day at church.

So how did I happen to be part of St. Pete’s? Four months ago, I had expected to leave BC to take a pastoral position in the States. I was a few weeks away from finishing my degree at Regent College. Then, through a series of providential events, which involved a definite “nudge” from God, I became better acquainted with St. Peter’s and some of the folks on its leadership team. I found myself taking a call to provide spiritual service and support to this church. Since St Peter’s is a church plant, it was necessary for me to raise external support in order to join the team. Over the past four months, I’ve been doing just that. And, thanks to the generosity and enthusiasm for St Peters’ vision, a number of people—far and near—have given in order to support me coming on staff with St. Pete’s. I am deeply appreciative for their  solidarity towards me and our Gospel work in Vancouver. I am so excited to be part of God’s good purposes through this burgeoning community in the heart of our city!

When I’m not doing the work of a minister, I enjoy brewing beer, hearing good stories, discussing politics (which brings fervour out in me!), skiing, and doing a bit of urban exploring in Vancouver.  I’m not married (yet) but have been richly blessed by wonderful parents, three amazing sisters, and the best brother-in-law for which I man could ask.  I’ve got many dear friends who are like family to me. By God’s grace, our hearts have been enlarged for one another.  For me, this continues to be one of the most meaningful experiences and benefits of Christian life.

If you ever have questions about a tough theological matter and would like some illumination, reading recommendations, or simply a conversation partner, drop me a line.  I’d love to chat with ya!

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