Hello there! I am so delighted to be contributing to the blog that was one of the first things to intrigue me about St. Peter’s. I remember reading a post Alastair wrote on Warm Bodies, and thinking: I am so glad I’m not the only adult that liked that movie (Zombie “lite” being the only type of Zombie I can manage); and I would totally love to post this on my Facebook (which I did).

I loved that post, and many since, because it began a conversation that started with a movie and ended with Jesus. So when I was sitting in my customary spot at St. John’s and felt God tapping me quite persistently on the shoulder, I came to St. Peter’s filled with the expectation that God would unfold blessings and challenges in equal measure.

To fill in a few of the biographical details, I grew up in Abbotsford and went to university in Victoria. Although it’s a bit shocking to do the math, I moved to Vancouver fourteen years ago to attend Regent College and, aside from a couple of years of teaching in England, I’ve lived comfortably in Marpole ever since. Currently, I live with my sister and a couple of very handsome cats. The rest of my family (my parents, my sister and brother-in-law and two extremely adorable nieces) live out in the Valley, conveniently located for Sunday dinner.

During the week you can usually find me in my classroom, where I teach high school English and History. I am so thankful to have a job that I enjoy so much. I can think of very few professions where I would consistently get to spend my days talking about all the things I love. Poetry! Words! Philosophy! History! Civic responsibility! Working with high school students means that I learn something new every day and that I am continually surprised and entertained. Teaching is never boring and I value the relationships I make with my students.

While it begins with prayer, I think that it’s through our relationships that the Holy Spirit begins to work in our communities. I am completely convinced that God is broadcasting his Grace to the world through our friendships and conversations, as well as through the things that we create. When we talk about books or poetry, movies or music – even a really delicious meal – God’s transformative presence can be there. And that is one of the reasons that I am filled with hope and expectation as St. Peter’s joins the churches downtown. I think that God is using us and I’m excited!

In An Offering of Uncles, Robert Farrar Capon exclaims, God has Gardens to give away!  He has cities to spare! He has history he hasn’t even used! The last of all the mercies is that God is lighter than we are, that in the heart of the Passion lies the Divine Mirth, and that even in the cities of our exile He still calls to Adam only to catch the Glory, to offer the world, and to return the service that shapes the City of God.”

This is why I love the church. Through relationship with one another, we can see glimpses of the Glory of God. As a church, we are sent out to work within Vancouver, this city of our exile, and, through the limitless grace of God, transform it.

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