Hello! I’m Colin. If you’ve been to a service at St. Pete’s you’ve probably seen me. I’m the red head who plays multiple obscure instruments (well, ok, two obscure instruments). I am a lifelong Vancouverite. I spent ten months a year during my childhood playing soccer in the pouring rain, and praying that this would be the year the Canucks won it all. The other two months were golden summers. Packed in the back of the family minivan, on ferries, or at Nat Bailey Stadium.

I grew up in the church. From a young age, my parents taught me about Jesus, and showed me His love. I cant remember a time when I wasnt a Christian. I cant recall a singular moment of conversion. However, I do look back on my high school years as a time where my faith deepened and I began to respond to the call to follow Christ.

Yes, Ive grown up in Vancouver and the church, but Ive also had to grow into them. Making the choice, just over a year ago, to join St. Peters Fireside was another step in that process. At STPF, I am starting to realize how my faith and my identity as a Vancouverite come together and intersect with Gods purposes. God loves His church. We are His representatives, and are meant to show His love to the world. God also loves Vancouver. Im learning that it isnt just the place Im from, its a city that needs to know Gods light and truth and love for it. Being a part of St. Petes has been a huge blessing, I am constantly challenged and encouraged by this community, and am excited to see how God uses us in Vancouver.

In my day to day life, I am a UBC student.

I hope to finish my undergrad in December of 2015 with a BA in English Literature and History. I have worn many hats through my academic career, including stints in classical studies, and as a Jazz saxophone major. I can see the end of my degree on the horizon, but dont know where God wants me after that. Guess Ill just have to keep trusting him on that one! 

I currently live in an old house in Dunbar with five other university-aged guys. We like to brew beer, grill meat on our deck, and throw some pretty intense dance parties. In my spare time I like to play music (I am proficient on guitar, mandolin, and saxophone). I also really like Jimmy Fallon, and want his job one day (although being in the Roots crew would be cool too).

On my days off from school, I like to adventure around Vancouver with my younger-but-taller brother. We like to wander down Main Street and stop in to listen to vinyl at Red Cat Records, or head over to Queen Elizabeth park to disc golf (yes, we are those guys with the bags full of what the unwashed masses call frisbees). We have also been know to wake up way too early and head to the pub to cheer on Arsenal. Or Ill head over to Mom and Dads place in Sunset,   where you can bet there will be plenty of puns, and probably Jeopardy or The Amazing Race on TV after dinner. My sister (the middle child) is currently studying nursing at UBCO in Kelowna, so the time we get to spend as a family all together is a bit rarer, but something I definitely treasure. I love my family a bunch, and love it when they come visit St. Peter’s (because it usually means I’m not paying for Chipotle after church).

I am really excited to get the chance to blog here at St. Peter’s Fireside. I have loved reading the blogs and hearing what God is doing in the lives of those around me. I have benefitted from what God is teaching others. My hope is that I will be able to share with you things God has put on my heart and in my head, and that He will take the words I write and use them as He sees fit, for His glory.

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