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by Shannon Daly
December 27, 2016
3 min read

As a new year approaches, we would like to take a moment and reflect on everything we talked about here on in 2016. We released 39 articles and had over 24,000 unique visitors to our website. While this is slightly less content and people than last year, we saw a massive increase in active sessions and page views (144,803 for the blog!). We covered a ton of different things this year. It is truly hard to select our top 5 articles, so we simply go by which posts were viewed the most. In case you missed any of the most read articles throughout the year, here are the 5 top articles from 2016:




Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Shannon Daly writes “The big question to ask ourselves is how are we living out our enthusiasm for Jesus and his work in the world in the midst of living out our other enthusiasms?”



Art and Ash Wednesday

Iwan Russell-Jones writes “Art has a vital role to play, bearing witness to the miracle of existence and the gift of life, expressing humanity’s exuberance, joy, gratitude and praise, and recognizing that we are not gods but creatures, subject like everything else to the limitations of earthly existence.



Why give to the church?

Alastair Sterne writes “When you tithe to a local church, you are investing in the formation of people into the likeness of Christ. When you tithe to a local church, you are investing in the hope of the world. When you tithe to a local church, you are investing into the common good of the city with exponential returns on the dollar. When you tithe to a local church, you are investing into the people God loves and into the purpose of creation itself.



Take me to church

Julia Sterne writes “I believe it matters that you are at the gatherings of the church. I feel the impact of your presence.



Don’t Kneel When You Pray

Alastair Sterne writes “We do not worship God as disembodied souls, but as whole people — mind, souls, bodies all combined.


We hope you enjoyed checking out our top 5 articles of 2016. Here’s to 2017 and another great year of writing! — The St. Peter’s Blog team.

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Shannon is the Managing Editor of St. Peter's blog. She is a high school English teacher and really enjoys it when she can encourage epiphanies. She can often be found sampling the culinary and theatrical delights that Vancouver has to offer. Shannon lives in Marpole and loves being a member of St. Peter's Fireside. You can find her on Facebook or with her face in an actual book.

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