If you had asked me two years ago if I would ever write a blog or even share anything in the public domain, I would have laughed. It was in my third year of college that a roommate told me that she had been speaking with a couple of guys who were surprised to find out that I even had opinions. It wasn’t until I had finished three years at a small town Bible College, and moved back to the big city of Vancouver to attend UBC that I began learning how to share my thoughts and convictions in a meaningful way. UBC and the people I have met along the way became vital in forming how I engaged with those around me; it provided the space for me to ask questions in class and even answer them. St. Peter’s has since become an extension of that growth. It has pulled me even further into the world of tension and mystery by encouraging me to interact with my community. I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to share and encourage through the St. Pete’s Blog.

A lil’ about me: I have lived in Vancouver – proper – for three years now, and have been attending St. Peter’s for almost the same length of time. I grew up in the suburbs of Vancouver, also known as the Fraser Valley. My house consisted of myself, my sister and my mother. As all of are redheads, you can only imagine the kind of chaos that ensued. I’ll spare you the gory details! You could say that we all are very similar, we all at different times completed three years at the same Bible College in Saskatchewan. We all fiercely love people and their stories. We all love Jesus and long to see the day where His Glory is revealed in all its fullness, when complete redemption is here, and suffering is no more. We all love coffee & ice cream, the city, and finding a killer bargain.

My days are saturated in the world of child protection & social workers. I get the privilege of learning from some of the most justice focused and compassionate individuals I know. Every day, I come home to my quaint little heritage house basement suite in my way too hip neighbourhood of Main Street. I love romping around in nature and try to get out as much as I can. I am a closeted cook and have a secret love affair with buying and selling on Craigslist. I love thrifting as a hobby, and most recently have taken up my childhood pastime of swimming.

Growing up in a Christian home with a mom who inadvertently taught us to always question and live into tension & suffering has created in me a deep appreciation for conversation and musings around the spiritual and existential things of life. I enjoy thinking about how the ordinary everyday happenings meet the spiritual world.  This is likely where the majority of my blogs will end up, looking at the material and tangible to catch a glimpse of why these things are truly important. What are they telling us about what we’re like, who God is and about who God created us to be? I am looking forward to sharing this space with you St. Peter’s, and walking together in the mystery toward his Fullness and Grace.

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