ENFPs make up 7% of the population. We are free spirits, dreamers. Charming, independent, energetic and compassionate. Often, we are the ones who help our weary teammates to the finish line. Our world view is one of interconnectedness, mysticism and possibility. Within the Church, our spiritual gifts often include service, faith and shepherding. We struggle with the practicality of everyday life: bills, routines, menial tasks, and we struggle to refrain from too much enthusiasm and jumping head first into projects that we can’t properly commit to and adequately finish. This is an accurate representation of who I am.

My job title is “Hairdresser”, but in my head it is so much more than that. It is a chance to explore God’s beauty in our physical forms, a chance to provide a listening and caring ear, an opportunity to explore evangelism and act on my deep seeded need to herd people toward Jesus. It is a chance to challenge and love those living far away from God and an opportunity to stand in the tension between honouring our bodies (God’s holy temple) and vanity. 

ENFPs are global thinkers and have a hard time thinking on a small scale – which is also me. When I was a little girl, I would retreat to the crawlspace and pour over my dad’s old National Geographics. I have been dreaming of the dry, sun-scorched, African savannah, the cold blue of the Antarctic and the remote islands of Polynesia since before I could read, and if you look at my 35 by 35 list, you will find that I don’t really mess around. I have traveled quite a bit, and I am constantly amazed at God’s creation and the beauty of His Church and people around the world. 

I grew up in Vancouver and after a brief hiatus in a few cities in Canada and abroad, I am so happy to be back. I love the grey and the rain. I love how wild the ocean feels against the mountains on the North Shore. I love watching the freighters come in and out of the harbour. My fave spots include the Aquarium, the Vancouver Art Gallery, the SeaBus, and the West End. I’m always up to grab lunch, go for a walk or see an underrated movie at the Rio. I’m always looking for someone to go to Ukulele circles with, or who could teach me how to play the bagpipes.

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