This is, I kid you not, the third time I’ve started writing this little introduction. Nothing is more intimidating than distilling yourself, and everything you want to present yourself as, into a few paragraphs on the internet. I’m only encouraged by hearing much the same thing from a few of our other bloggers. So I’m feeling good about this third try – I’ll try to be charming, and you can try to be understanding, and we’ll meet each other somewhere in the middle.

When it comes down to it, I bet I’m rather like you. I’m a human muddling through life trying to figure out how best to live with people and for God, and I’m grateful to call St Pete’s home. Of course, that’s hardly illuminating. More illuminating is telling you that I’ve lived and worked in major cities up and down the West Coast for the last ten years- Seattle, the city of Lost Angels, Silicon Valley, and as of two years ago, here in this new-for-me country.

In all those places, I’ve moved for a job in the film industry, and here I find myself in what’s now called “Hollywood North.” I love it, by the way. I love both Vancouver the city and filmmaking the profession. I can’t think of a better way to communicate meaning, empathy, and wonder than storytelling. And I find it vital to know that among the most widely seen and known stories in the world, the people who craft them include convinced Christians. It’s a weird place, don’t get me wrong, tangled up between artistry and industry, between idealism and capitalism. But I think it’s the place for me.

A few other things about me – I got involved with this blog in the nerdiest way, by helping the spectacular Shannon Daly edit posts here and there, and it is now one of my favourite activities. Recently we agreed that I would be interested in writing a bit more in addition to hunting comma splices and misplaced prepositions. Perhaps I can put some of my thoughts on your screen, and those thoughts might inspire some of your own thoughts, and that could be a good thing. So here I am writing what will probably be the most difficult thoughts for me, thoughts on myself and my journey to get here.

On the subject of that journey, what can I say? I call St. Pete’s home, but I am not a convinced Anglican in the least. In all my moving around, I’ve found home with God and his people in all sorts of interesting subcultures: in very reformed nondenominational land, reformed(ish) Presbyterian land, charismatic land, and now here I’ve landed at St. Pete’s, probably the last part of the church I’d have expected to settle into. But there’s something peaceful and winsome about the rich history and traditions in this Anglican place, and it seems like a good place to rest.

One of the first ways I started getting to know this church was to sit in on the values conversations about this time last year. It was, in all my church experiences, both unique and delightful. Listening in and getting to know the church, somehow I started to find myself buying in a little, then a lot, and now I’m – well, I’m writing a blog post, which is a pretty public, committed thing for a shy bookish type like me.

I confess I don’t recall how long this is supposed to be, but in the entertainment business we have a rule to “leave them wanting more,” so I’ll wrap it up now. I look forward to meeting you if you are around St. Pete’s and getting to know you in the real world.

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