My name is Sena. To spare you the guessing game, it’s pronounced Say-nuh. (I’m quite gracious toward mispronunciation at this point in my life, so just give it your best shot when you say hello!)

My unique name and big hair are usually the most memorable traits about me. I’ve been blessed with this fuzzy, animal-like mane that is a constant test to my deepest desires for control. (Fun fact: the last time I measured my hair all blown out, it was over 60 centimetres in diameter.)

I was born on the east coast, spent childhood in rural Idaho, teenagehood in Salt Lake City, undergrad-plus some time in Spokane, Washington and have spent the last year in glorious Vancouver while my husband, Graeme, works on his master’s degree in occupational therapy at UBC. I put on a facade of being adventurous, but really I’m just a homebody who doesn’t really have an answer to the question, “where’s home?”

One place that’s always been home for me though, is the church. Raised by two pastors, I’ve never known a breath of life apart from church. I fully realize I’m a statistical anomaly in that I’m a millennial that hasn’t high-tailed it out, even for a time. There’s just something about this flawed, variety pack of people that is so endearing to me. Being brand new to Vancouver and to Canada last summer, Graeme and I consider it the biggest grace to have been enveloped by St. Peter’s. Even as rookie Anglicans, we have fallen in love with this place and its people and proudly call it home for now.

One place that’s always been home for me though, is the church…There’s just something about this flawed, variety pack of people that is so endearing to me.

The stereotypical eldest, alpha child in my family, I can be a giant bossypants and micro-manager extraordinaire. People often tease me that planning and details are counted as some of my top hobbies. But when forced to enjoy myself, I happily turn to sports, namely basketball (anything NCAA March Madness or Golden State Warriors), football (Oakland Raiders–whose upcoming move to Vegas I actively grieve), and baseball (married into a multi-generational Chicago Cubs clan so there’s no getting out of that). I consider myself a budding political junkie, meaning I love learning about and talking politics–particularly the intersection of politics and religion–but in no way consider myself an expert.

My current side hustle (actually, my full-time job) is doing communication and development work for a small nonprofit organization in Burnaby that serves women and children escaping domestic violence. But being the eager learner and proactive planner that I am, I’m always dreaming of the next thing.

Anyone who follows me on social media will be thrilled to know I’m now writing here, perhaps making my average posts just slightly less verbose. The bottom line on me is I love words. I love writing and rambling and chatting and speaking in front of large and small crowds alike. I strive to be a voice of truth and humility in the fragile intersection of faith and culture and am thrilled to add mine to the many keen, dynamic voices already in this space.

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