In light of recent recommendations from our house of bishops and health authorities, we have decided to suspend all in-person gatherings for the next three weeks.

As we discern what is best for the common good of our city and our church, we will continue to follow the wisdom and guidance of the authorities over us. 

Although we planned to empower a network of house churches, this plan is no longer an option. Do not meet in-person as Community Groups either. Instead, please use Google Hangouts or other video conference options to meet on a weekly basis. If you need help with technology, let us know.

We believe social distancing is the right course of action. But I also know that it is a hard path too. God created us for relationships. The physical presence of others is essential to our well-being. I want you to know that during this season, we are committed to discover creative ways to help us stay connected—and we’d love to hear your ideas. For example, Preston hosted our regular Wednesday prayer as a video conference over lunch.

During this time, we will provide weekly updates on Wednesdays and worship content (such as liturgy, music, announcements, and sermons) on Sundays.

What do we do now?

During a time of increased anxiety, our hope is to that we would be a non-anxious presence for the good of our city. 

First, pray with us.

Our Leadership Team will video conference on Monday, March 23rd to pray and discuss the best ways to provide care to our community at this time. Please pray for us as we seek God’s wisdom and guidance. 

Second, reach out.

During this time of increased isolation, I want to remind you to reach out to others. Please be mindful that this experience will impact us all differently. Let’s choose to move toward one another rather than waiting for someone to move toward us. I know this can be hard. If you’re lonely, reach out to someone. If you’re doing well, reach out to someone. Try increase your circle—who might need a short phone call from you?

Third, ask for help or give as you’re able.

If you have specific needs during this time, please let us know. We will do our best to mobilize help at this time. If you have resources you’d like to share at this time, financial or otherwise, please let us know too.

Please visit the dedicated site about COVID-19 at BCCDC to learn more about the virus, assessment tools, and best practices during this season.

Please make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more frequent updates. We will email a weekly update on Wednesdays about future Sunday gatherings.

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