Starting on September 12th we will worship together again on Sundays at UBC Robson Square.

We have all faced many changes throughout the pandemic. As we undergo yet another pivot for Sunday worship, know that we are here for you and will walk through this together. We are continually committed to making worship a space where you are welcome, safe, and invited to encounter the goodness of God.

Here is how Sundays will look through the duration of 2021:

One Service Downtown at 10am

We will have one Sunday worship service at 10:00am at UBC Robson Square. This service will continue to be live streamed.

This means that we will not be re-launching an evening service at this time. We believe this is the healthiest decision for the church for two reasons:

First, since we resumed gathering for one service in July, we have benefited from worshiping all together. The last 18 months has taken its toll on our community life, and we need a season to settle into who we are now as a church. This will take time, and it means we need to be worshiping together. 

Second, keeping to one service this fall respects our capacity as a community. Every one of us has endured significant transitions and challenges, and many of you are weary. 

This fall is a time to take a deep breath.

(Actually, go ahead and do that right now.)

This fall is a season to narrow our focus, commit to worshiping and sharing life together, and to listen for what God is unfolding in our midst.

The First Church of the Nazarene

During the course of the pandemic, The Naz has been incredibly generous—their building has become our pandemic home. First Church of the Nazarene permitted us to build a studio in their youth room, live stream from their sanctuary, and meet during their Sunday morning time in recent weeks. We are incredibly grateful and we are excited for them to resume Sunday morning worship back in their sanctuary, also on September 12th.

While we will not be re-launching an evening worship service at the Naz in September, this does not mean we are ending our hopes for ministry in East Vancouver. We underwent the adoption merger with Immanuel Church trusting that God was writing a better story with us together. This has certainly been the case. This fall, we will continue using the Naz for band rehearsals, office space, and community gatherings as we listen for what will come next in our story as a congregation.

Withwards at The Naz

The Withwards rhythm at St. Pete’s is about life together as a community of people following Jesus Christ. This rhythm highlights how our bonds must be more than Sunday worship, a certain CG, or a group of friends at church. This rhythm has been particularly strained in the pandemic, and we believe this fall is a time to bring it to the fore.

We will have several Sunday evening Withward gatherings this fall at the Naz. Some nights will be focused on prayer and worship, others on eating together, others on celebrating and laughing together. We will release the specific dates and events in the coming weeks.

Our staff team is committed to caring for each of you through this next transition. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

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