We are launching an Evening Service in East Vancouver in February 2020!

We’re more than a little giddy about it

We are grateful to partner with the people from Immanuel Church to begin a new expression of St. Peter’s Fireside in East Vancouver.

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We are hiring an Evening Children’s Ministry Coordinator.

You can also learn a lot more by reading the quick facts and documentation below:

East Vancouver

Quick Facts

Our conversation and discernment process with Immanuel was facilitated by a Task Force composed of three members from our Leadership Team, and three members from Immanuel’s Leadership Team.

Who is Immanuel Church?

Immanuel Church is another parish in the Anglican Network in Canada. We have partnered with them in ministry in the past. They have a beautiful history of working alongside the last, lost, and least.

What is an adoption merger?

“Adoption Merger” is defined in the book Better Together (Tomberlin and Bird) as “a stable or stuck church that is integrated under the vision of a stronger, vibrant, and typically larger church.”

What will the adoption look like?

The people of Immanuel are taking on the name St. Peter’s Fireside and will unite with our vision and values. They have agreed to come under the guidance of our Leadership Team. This is also a strategic shift for St. Peter’s Fireside. We are becoming one church with services in two locations. Immanuel’s lead pastor, Lloyd Lee, will join our staff as an associate pastor.

Why are you doing this?

Over a six month period of prayerful discernment, our Leadership Teams and Task Force along with our communities felt God’s guidance in this process. We believe we will be better together. We will mutually strengthen one another as we unite around the gospel for the sake of the city. While there are differences between our existing communities, we believe there is enough alignment for a very healthy partnership.

Why did Immanuel decide to do this?

The adoption was a strategic decision, not a life-boat decision. Immanuel has strengths and areas of health. They are a stable, hospitable, safe, and welcoming community for the last, lost, and least. However, they have also felt “stuck” as a church and believe they can find a healthy expression of their history and ethos within the vision and values of St. Peter’s Fireside.

What will the evening service be like?

The evening service in East Vancouver will have a similar shape and feel to the morning services. While the goal is for each service to be reflective of St. Peter’s ethos and vision, our heart is for unity not uniformity. The services will be connected by sharing the same weekly songs and sermon series, and will share similar liturgy and structure (or order of service).

However, it is of the utmost importance for each service to reflect the unique composition and makeup of the people in the service. Morning and evening services will be delivered in a way that honours the distinct differences (demographic and geographic) between Downtown and East Vancouver.


If you’d like more information please refer to the following:

Adoption Proposal All Parish Meeting (08.18.19)

If you have any questions please reach out.

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