St. Peter's Fireside, Vancouver Church

Exploration Welcome

faith that can’t be questioned is fear not faith

Christianity isn’t quickly digested. We understand that belief isn’t always easy. It can be hard and even confusing. It is worth acknowledging and wrestling with the questions, doubts, objections and skepticism around the Christian faith. We welcome both believers and skeptics to bring their doubts and beliefs to the table. If you are interested in considering your doubts and beliefs or exploring Christianity, we welcome you to try Alpha, visit us on a Sunday, or participate in a Community Group. We may not have all the answers you’re looking for, but we will offer you respect and kindness.


Consider Alpha

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that engages people in conversations about faith, life and Jesus. Every Alpha session includes food, a short talk, and discussion. Best of all, Alpha is free. We even cover the cost of the meals! For those of you who know someone who is exploring Christianity, we invite you to bring them to Alpha to consider the claims of Jesus together.

Visit a Sunday Service

We would love to hear your questions. There are ministers available after each worship service on Sundays to hear your objections, help process questions together, or connect you with resources in our church. Learn more about our Sunday service here.

Participate in a Community Group

Our Community Groups are open to all people: skeptics, sinners, saints, agnostic, you name it. We aim to create a welcoming environment where people can discover how faith is actually lived out in today’s world.



We recommend and encourage anyone exploring the Christian faith to read the following books:


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