During this COVID-19 season, we are empowering connection in a few different ways: Community Groups, Triads, and Rhythms Together.

Community Groups

Our Community Groups are small gatherings of people that meet together on Sundays as well as midweek. They are the best way for you to grow spiritually, make friends, and serve the city. Each group discerns whether it will meet physically (while observing safety protocols) or virtually or a combination, and the frequency of their meetings.

Rhythms Together

We encourage everyone to craft a Rhythm For Life—a set of spiritual practices for who God made you to be. Seasonally, we host groups of people who engage the book Rhythms for Life over a ten-week period. Alternatively, you are welcome to invite a handful of people to work through the Rhythms Together process on your own.

Inward Prayer Triads

While we live through a pandemic, we must find safe ways to nourish our souls, and for some, this may mean intentionally including a few others in your “bubble,” or meeting with social distance, in order to pray and connect in person.

An inward prayer triad is a group of three people who meet on a consistent basis for the purpose of checking in with one another, listening, sharing honestly, and praying for one another. Please reach out if you need help forming a triad.

We want to help!

We understand that navigating the different options for connecting in community during this season may be difficult. If you’re unsure about how you should connect, please reach out to us. Our pastor, Preston Gordon, oversees all these areas and is eager to help you find your place in our community.

St. Peter's Fireside

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