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Community Groups

Our Community Groups gather weekly throughout metro Vancouver and are the best way for you to grow spiritually, make friends, and serve the city. We do our best to make sure that our groups are warm and welcoming. We don’t gather based on age, gender or interests—so our groups tend to look pretty eclectic. No matter where you are in life, even if you’re just beginning to explore faith, you are welcome to come visit a Community Group.

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Our groups have a rhythm

What do these rhythms look like?

Like a good song, our groups have a rhythm. Every gathering starts with a meal and time to catch up. But each week will focus on a different aspect of encountering God together: upwardinwardoutward, or withward (yes, we made that word up).  These rhythms bring our minds, hearts and feet together so that our faith is love in action and not just words.


The upward rhythm is about the first great commandment: loving God. It involves the teaching and study of Scripture, music (if someone in your group is musically inclined), and prayer for the church, city and world. We look past ourselves to God, and seek to renew our hearts and minds with his Word and prayer.


The inward rhythm is about the second great command: loving one another. It involves splitting into smaller groups (within your group) for a time of sharing and prayer. We take off our masks and talk about struggles and challenges. But we do so in an environment of prayer for one another, because it’s not sharing advice that changes us but God’s grace and power. The point is to encounter Jesus by caring for one another and extending his grace and forgiveness.


The outward rhythm is about seeking the common good of our city. It involves going out into the city to love and care for our neighbours. This could be serving at a Homeless Shelter or spending time in a Retirement Home, each group has their own focus! The point is to encounter Jesus in the faces of strangers, like he promises.


The withward rhythm is about building a greater sense of community. Your group will gather with one or two other Community Groups for an evening of socializing or learning or worshipping (or even all three at once if you’re ambitious!). The other rhythms allow close Christ-centered friendships to develop, whereas the withward rhythm allows a micro-community to develop within the larger community of our church.


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