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We want to see everyone flourish and become fully alive in Christ

Making Disciples

Following Jesus is a journey called discipleship, which means becoming an apprentice, learner, or pupil of his ways. Jesus entrusted his church with the responsibility to make disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Triune God, and teaching them to obey his ways. Our approach to disciple can be summarized as: Together, we learn and practice the ways of Jesus.

Together, we learn and practice the ways of Jesus.

Together: Community Groups

You aren’t meant to follow Jesus alone, you need other followers of Christ to walk alongside you. We call this interdependence. We need each other, which is why we meet weekly throughout metro Vancouver in Community Groups. We do this to learn together, grow together, and serve together.

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Learn: Catechism

Catechism (meaning “to instruct”) is the ancient Christian practice of teaching the doctrines of faith to new believers. Our annual Catechism is a course to carefully study the core beliefs Christians have professed since the time of the New Testament until today. It is for all who want to go deeper in their Christian faith and to continue growing into maturity in Christ.

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Practice: Rhythms of Life

A Rhythm of Life is an intentional plan for becoming more like Jesus, day after day. It is our way of reflecting upon how God has made us and considering what practices and disciplines we need in our lives to live in alignment with his ways.

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