At St. Pete’s, we use liturgy to structure and guide our worship services. The purpose of liturgy is always to lead us in worship of God. And the way any and all Christians worship together is with some sort of structure and liturgy (even if they don’t call it that).

The word “liturgy” comes from the Greek, and means “the work of the people,” and refers to the service and worship of God’s people. In fact, we can even say that liturgy is worship – in Acts 13.2 leaders in the church were worshiping together (in the Greek, it essentially says they were liturgy-ing).

At St Pete’s, we are excited to worship God together by liturgy-ing! And we’re proud to have a liturgical service that is rooted in our Anglican heritage.

We’ve created this page to provide some resources to explain more about liturgy, and how we use liturgy to express our Anglican heritage in a creative, approachable, and inviting way.

In our sermon series, The Work of the People, we explore how liturgy leads us to encounter God in worship, and traces how the prayers, confessions, creeds and movements shape and form our hearts to love and praise him.

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