St. Peter's Fireside, Vancouver Church

Our most productive work is prayer


Why do we make such a big deal of prayer? It is our lifeline. It is how we connect to the heart of God and his love for us. And it’s the fuel behind our presence within the city. There is absolutely no advancement of the gospel, in our hearts or in our city, without a firm foundation in prayer.

Prayer at our Sunday Gatherings

Before our gatherings, we pray in the theatre at 9:00am each Sunday. During our service we incorporate a lot of prayer: We pray Collects, which are short prayers that unite us in prayer with Christians around the world; We pray The Lord’s Prayer together; and we also have a time of Intercessory Prayer where people from our community pray for the church, our city and the world. Throughout the service, and after the service, there is a Prayer Team available to pray with you. Whether you are by yourself, with a friend, a couple or a family, there will be people ready to pray with you each week.

Prayer Requests

We solicit prayer requests every Wednesday through text message (you can subscribe for this by providing your phone number in your Planning Centre account). Our staff prays together for every matter brought to us. You can also email prayer requests to All requests will be kept confidential unless permission is given.

12:12 Prayer

Praying Together, Every Day

Set a daily alarm or reminder for 12:12pm to join our movement of prayer. When it pings, take a moment to pray. Why 12:12pm? Romans 12:12, “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” But also because it’s most people’s lunch so you’ll actually be free to pray. You can pray with whoever you’re with, you can text a prayer to a friend, or call someone to pray with you, or pray by yourself.

Each season we have a prayer focus. For the winter of 2017, our prayers are:

  1. Ask God to grow us into a self-sustaining church (an average attendance of 330, and meeting our monthly internal budget).
  2. Ask God for a growing experience of the joy of salvation: in your life, in our church, and in the lives of those who do not yet know Jesus.
  3. Ask God to start a movement of prayer at St. Peter’s.

The Daily Offices

A discipline

Throughout the centuries, Christians have engaged in the discipline of praying in the morning and evening. This practice is called The Daily Offices. As a church rooted in the Anglican heritage, we encourage this discipline. It is life transforming and unites you with praying Christians throughout the centuries and the world today. We have put together a helpful, intuitive guide for our church to engage in the Daily Offices. You can download it or pick up a physical copy on a Sunday at St. Peter’s.

Download Daily Offices


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