St. Peter's Fireside, Vancouver Church

We want to empower you to change the world (or at least our city)

Start a Renewal Project

Have you ever thought: I want to spend some of my time reaching the elderly population downtown; I want to create environments for racial reconciliation; I want to help refugees integrate into Canadian society; or I want to find a more meaningful way to care for the many teenagers who live on the streets? If your desire is ultimately to make Jesus known through social and cultural renewal, then we want to empower you to make a tangible difference within our city.

If you have an idea and plan for loving our city to life, then you can apply for a Renewal Grant from within St. Peter’s. To help enhance a project’s impact, and to align with existing efforts in the city, the renewal projects will be implemented in partnership with existing organizations. These partnerships will also enhance the sustainability of project and contribute to building strengthening networks between like-minded organizations. Our committee can help facilitiate these partnerships, so first, we want to hear your ideas!

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