At the heart of the Christian faith is a wild and preposterous claim: God is here. God is with us, and we can encounter him.  Throughout the Bible we find stories of people coming face to face with God, through burning bushes, pillars of fire or in the whisper of the wind. In these  encounters with the creator we discover a wonderful, even surprising truth: God is good. 

Of course, it’s one thing to hear that God is good, but it’s another thing entirely to see, feel, and know it for ourselves. When we hear and read the stories of how real people encountered God, we discover that their encounters of goodness are not limited to select people in history-past – it’s available to us here and now! Because the goodness of God is not just good news for some – it’s good news for all.


St. Peter's Fireside · Encounters of Goodness


St. Peter's Fireside