Serving Shapes Us

When you serve the church on Sunday’s, you’re being formed in the ways of Jesus. Because Jesus came into the world to serve. So when you serve here, no matter what you’re doing, it prepares you to go into your week and into the city, as one willing to walk in the ways of Jesus.

Serve Teams at St. Peter’s Fireside are a vital part of making Sunday gatherings happen. You are welcome to join any of our Service Teams (some require training or specific skills). If you’re unsure where you would fit best, please let us know! We would be happy to explore how you could serve with it at St. Peter’s.

Planning Center

We use Planning Center to plan our services and schedule our teams. Planning Center makes scheduling simple: you can block out dates you’re unavailable, and also receive reminders for when you’re serving next. 

Serve in the city

We do this through Community Groups

Like a good song, our Community Groups have a rhythm. Every gathering starts with a meal and time to catch up. But each week will focus on a different aspect of encountering God together.

Once a month our groups engage in the outward rhythm. This rhythm is about seeking the common good of our city. It involves going out into the city to love and care for our neighbours. This could be serving at a Homeless Shelter or spending time in a Retirement Home, each group has their own focus! The point is to encounter Jesus in the faces of strangers, like he promises.

If you want to serve the city, get engaged with a Community Group.

St. Peter's Fireside