Our church loves Sundays

Because the church is not a building in Vancouver. The church is a gathering of two or more people in the name of Jesus—and on Sundays we get to be together as the church.

Our atmosphere is casual, celebratory, reflective, and mindful of people exploring Christianity. As a church, we normally worship together in downtown Vancouver and in East Vancouver. Because of COVID-19, how we now meet is different.

Online Service

Our online Sunday service is at 10:00am

Our online service is typically 75 minutes. The full service, or solely the sermon, is available on YouTube every Sunday at 10:00am.

In-Person Service

Our Sunday in-person Communion service is at 5:00pm at The Naz (998 E. 19th Ave). It is conducted according to our safety plan and requires pre-registration. If you call St. Pete’s home, we ask that you would attend this service no more than 1-2x/month.

What about St. Pete’s Kids?

Our Family Ministries Leader, Kate McGregor, is hosting services for children 45 minutes before each service. These services are password protected. For access to the service, please email Kate.

The Church is Better Together

Our desire as a church is not for you to sit and watch a sermon by yourself. The physical presence of others has always been core to worship gatherings throughout the centuries. We encourage you to explore the different ways our groups are connecting so that you can worship with others throughout Vancouver.

Vancouver Church

Vancouver church

St. Peter's Fireside

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