Ministry Team


Alastair Sterne As our lead pastor, Alastair cultivates biblical vision and Spirit-led direction within our church through collaboration with our leadership team, development of our staff team, and as our primary communicator. His Sabbath is on Saturdays.


Lloyd Lee As our part-time pastor, Lloyd fosters belonging by connecting people into the life and story of the church. He provides pastoral care and direction and leads us in worship through preaching, music, and sacrament. His Sabbath is on Fridays. Lloyd also works part-time at Union Gospel Mission as an addictions counsellor.


Phill Pearson As our ministry director, Phill directs the faithful stewardship and implementation of our ministries and operations. He oversees the implementation of our Community Group vision and develop leaders, and also provide pastoral care to our church. His Sabbath is on Saturdays.


Heidi Martin As our ministry coordinator, Heidi empowers a culture of service. She coordinates worship services, recruits and equips service teams, and schedules servers. Heidi also helps our community stay connected with all that happens at St. Pete’s. Her Sabbath is on Mondays.


Rachel Wilkowski As our part-time family ministry director, Rachel leads our ministries to children and families. She plans and coordinates all aspects of St. Pete’s Kids on Sundays, and supports parents in discipling their children. Her Sabbath is on Saturdays.


Derek Martin As our part-time worship director, Derek oversees musical worship at our church. He leads worship for services, develops and empowers other worship leaders, and cultivates a healthy music team. His Sabbath is on Mondays.



Rob Collis As a full-time curate (assistant minister), Rob fosters and facilitates our online worship gatherings. He leads Alpha, provides pastoral care, and teaches Catechism and Equip & Build. His Sabbath is on Fridays. Rob fundraises his salary. If you’d like to support him click here.


Richard Sandlin As a part-time curate (assistant minister), Richard serves in Sunday Services, Community Groups, Care Team, Catechism and Evening Prayer services. We share Richard with the wonderful folks over at St. Timothy’s Anglican Church in North Vancouver as well. His Sabbath is on Mondays.


Bishop Dan Gifford, Anglican Network in Canada

Leadership Team

David Robinson, Pastor’s Warden

The Pastor’s Warden is responsible to oversee the Lead Pastor’s well being and participates in stewarding the vision of St. Peter’s.
Jennifer Na, People’s Warden

The People’s Warden advocates for the people of the congregation. This includes representing the insights, needs and concerns of the community (with confidentiality and anonymity if necessary).
Danielle Kanengoni, Treasurer
Paul Chambers, Trustee
Chandler Bartsch, Secretary

Learn more about our Leadership Team Discernment process or apply to join the team.

St. Peter's Fireside

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