St. Peter's Fireside, Vancouver Church

Ministry Team

Alastair Sterne, Lead Pastor
Preston Gordon, Associate Pastor
Bárbara Moreira, Ministry Coordinator
Kate McGregor, Family Ministries Leader
Derek Martin, Worship Director
Rob Collis, Pastoral Intern

Leadership Team

Bub Holding, Pastor’s Warden

The Pastor’s Warden is responsible to oversee the Lead Pastor’s well being, and participates in stewarding the vision of St. Peter’s.

Kate Dobson, People’s Warden

The People’s Warden advocates for the people of the congregation. This includes representing the insights, needs and concerns of the community (with confidentiality and anonymity if necessary), as well as communicating leadership decisions to the community. 

Dave Van Hemmen, Treasurer
Jennifer Na, Trustee
Steve Mulder, Trustee
Nellie Salter, Trustee
Don Lewis, Ex-Officio

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