St. Peter's Fireside, Vancouver Church

How do we believe?

Faith works: The How and The What of Belief

We are a gospel-centered, Spirit-empowered, distinctly Anglican church. We are rooted in the historically orthodox beliefs contained in the Apostles Creed and Nicene Creed, derived from the Scriptures, which are inspired by God.

Our theology is centered on the essentials of the Christian faith. However, there are other aspects of our faith where we can disagree and where dialogue may even lead us more fully into truth. In other words, some theological concepts are written in blood, some in ink and others in pencil. Our hope is to find unity in historical orthodoxy and to encourage dialogue on negotiable aspects of our faith, so that we can grow in truth and love. Because how we believe is just as important as what we believe.



Our global family

We love our Anglican Heritage

St. Peter’s Fireside is part of the world-wide Anglican Communion. It is the largest Protestant communion of churches in the world, with almost 80 million members in 165 countries. Our province is the Anglican Church in North America, and our diocese is the Anglican Network in Canada.

We get that Anglicanism may evoke different thoughts and feelings for different people—ranging from no knowledge of it at all to disdain. We have written three articles to help paint a picture of what Anglicanism means to us: Why Anglicanism?, Misconceptions of Anglicanism and Dangers of Anglicanism.

If you have any questions about our beliefs, we welcome the conversation! Please email


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