Go deeper into faith

Catechism is the ancient Christian practice of teaching the doctrines of faith to people. At St. Peter’s, Catechism is a course to study carefully the core beliefs Christians have professed since the time of the New Testament until today. It is for all who want to go deeper in their Christian faith and to continue growing into maturity in Christ.

Our method of study reflects our Anglican heritage by working through the ACNA Catechism: To Be a Christian (edited by Dr. J. I. Packer). This annual course typically begins in January and is spread across 6 months, gathering on a semi-weekly basis.

What people say:

My Catechism was a fulfilling exploration into the fundamental beliefs of my Christian faith. It’s a safe space to reflect, question, and understand amongst others. Whether you are a confirmed Christian or not, I recommend Catechism as a non-judgemental learning experience.

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