St. Peter's Fireside, Vancouver Church

The Rhythm of the Saints

February 20, 2018
by Preston Gordon

Remembering Jesus in Fog-Land

February 19, 2018
by Alastair Sterne

Lent: The Season of “Bright Sadness”

February 13, 2018
by Roger Revell

Things we can’t leave behind

February 06, 2018
by Andrea Parkhill

Meet Rob Collis

January 30, 2018
by Rob Collis

Ordinary Plenty

January 16, 2018
by Shannon Daly

Coming to the Fireside: a Reflection on My Time at St. Pete’s

January 09, 2018
by Roger Revell

New Year, New Me

January 02, 2018
by Clara Salter


December 21, 2017
by Shannon Daly

Joy of Heaven on Earth: The Praises of Angels and Shepherds

December 19, 2017
by Breanne Valerie

An Advent Poem

December 14, 2017
by Clara Salter

The Joy of Faithfulness

December 12, 2017
by Dara Crandall

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