The Church is the only organization that does not exist for itself, but for those who live outside of it.”

William Temple, Former Archbishop of Canterbury

Our Outward Rhythm is about seeking the common good of our city. It involves going out into the city to love and care for our neighbours. We grow out by opening more of our lives to those God has placed around us and seeking to bless them.

Our Outward Partnerships have emerged organically through connections with existing organizations working in our city. Curious about becoming an Outward Partner? Please get in touch with our Ministry Director, Phill Pearson.

Outward Partners

More Than A Roof operates low-income and supportive housing across British Columbia. Their mission and purpose is to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness in the lives of their tenants through transformative affordable housing. Their work provides a foundation for security, health, and happiness to families and individuals in need.

Each month, St. Pete’s Community Groups share a meal, play board games, and build friendships with the residents at Candela Place and Karis Place in Downtown Vancouver. Over the past ten years many long-standing friendships have come out of these shared times together.

Kinbrace grows transformative communities where refugee claimants are welcomed as family and flourish through six programs implemented in the context of Kinbrace’s five core values.

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Broadway Lodge

St. Peter's Fireside