• Your Information

  • Do you want to arrive early (7am), lift heavy objects, and find a deep joy in building things? Or would you like to leave late (1pm), lift heavy objects, and find a deep joy in tearing things down? Would you like to do both?
  • Does meeting new people make you happy? Help us make people feel welcomed from beginning to end on Sunday mornings. Members of the hospitality team are also invited to help with Bible reading and serving communion.
  • Do you want to help kids know God is fun and loving? Serve in our children’s ministries for kids 6 months to 12 years old. Please note: we require a background check for anyone involved with children.
  • Our responsive team takes time to pray with/for people during and after the service. Our intercessory team prays on behalf of the community for our church, city and world as part of the service.
  • Do you like writing or editing? Do you have a pashion for ctching mistakes? Or do you have an eye for design and images? Are you down with Adobe products?
  • Do you want to be an instrument for people to encounter God? Use your musical prowess to aid in worship.
  • Do you get sound? Participate in setting up and managing sound for our service. Or can you press a button? Then you can coordinates slides during the service.


St. Peter's Fireside