We want prayer to be as natural as breathing. But sometimes we need help and support to do that.

Throughout the centuries, Christians have prayed at set times of the day using the Daily Office. The Daily Office offers structured patterns of prayer, steeped in scripture, that can fuel and sustain us in the journey of faith.

At St. Pete’s, we have created an abridged version of the Daily Office, and have tailored our favourite parts ​into user-friendly forms ​​​of morning, midday, and evening prayer. Our goal in doing this is to offer the BCP as a tool for prayer that can be intuitively and easily utilized.

We must stress that even though the format of this spiritual resource is accessible and full of promise, a persistent commitment is still required. The benefits of the Daily Offices are only discovered through the consistent and enduring investment of time and energy. But the results are immeasurable: a robustly biblical and worshipful experience of Christ’s glory—over and over again.

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