An Advent Poem — St. Peter's Fireside Church Vancouver

by Clara Salter
December 14, 2017
< 1 min read

I believe the work of Justice
is slow
and sometimes grey

I don’t believe in smashing the patriarchy
I believe in dismantling it

I believe he will appease
the pain of the oppressed
I don’t believe in post-truth
because the Truth is still to come

I don’t believe in kings
I believe in the Kingdom
I believe I’m not the only one
who knows the battle is won
but wonders why it’s not over yet
I wonder what colour Peace is
I’m getting impatient with all this purple

I believe that for every ounce of Hope
you have to wade
through thick Lament
you have to
wait for it
wait for it

I don’t believe I can carry the weight
but there is a Way
to make burdens Light

wait for it

I believe
help my unbelief

wait for it

not yet
not yet

not yet
but soon

about the author
Clara is a member of St. Peter's Fireside and a marketing and communications specialist. She is a freelance dog petter and occasional scotch connoisseur. Clara enjoys keeping up to date with politics and current affairs and can probably rival your dad for bad puns. If you're feeling up for it, you can follow her on Instagram.

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